2020 Chicago fishing charters. Salmon and Trout Charter boat fishing in Illinois. Catch Salmon and Trout on Lake Michigan.  Charters leave from beautiful Waukegan harbor.




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Coho Salmon

King Salmon

Rainbow Trout

Lake Trout

Brown Trout

= 50%  chance to catch = 80 % Good Chance = 100% Chance
   but not the preferred time.    of catching desired fish.    of catching desired fish

In general, salmon have a blackish mouth, anal fin longer than high with 13 to 19 anal rays. Trout differ in having a whitish mouth, anal fin higher than long with 9 to 12 anal rays.

These fish can be distinguished from each other as follows: Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon)
bulletInterior of mouth gray or black with teeth of lower jaw set in whitish gums.
bullet45-83 intestinal appendixes.
bulletAnal fin usually has 12-15 rays.
bulletBlack spots on back and upper lobe of tail.
bulletThree year life cycle.
bulletAverage adult size 10-12 pounds.
Chinook Salmon (King Salmon)
bulletInterior of mouth gray or black with teeth of lower jaw set in blackish gums.
bullet140-185 intestinal appendixes.
bulletAnal fin usually has 15-17 rays.
bulletBlack spots on back, dorsal fin, and both lobes of tail.
bulletThree to seven year life cycle with an average of four years.
bulletAverage adult size 20-25 pounds.
Brown Trout (German Trout, loch leven)
bulletWhitish mouth and gums.
bulletBody sides has orange or brown spots and large dark spots on the back with halos around spots except lake run brown trout have black spots all over the body, except belly, and the spots appear as modified X'es.
bulletNo spots on tail.
bulletAnal fin normally with 9-12 rays and is higher than it is long.
Rainbow Trout (Steelhead, Kamloops)
bulletInterior of mouth is white and gums are white.
bulletEntire tail and dorsal fin, sides of body with blackish spots.
bulletFaint pink line along side of body with spots above and below line.
Lake Trout (Mackinaw, togue, laker)
bulletHead V-shaped as seen from above.
bulletStrongly forked tail.
bulletMost of body mottled with large light gray and whitish colored spots or vermiculations. Lower fins have a black stripe.
Information from IDNR




Q. Is there any age limit for bringing along my kids?
A. My best advice is that children under 5 years old may not enjoy the trip & might make it difficult for others also. Children under 10yrs should be accompanied by an adult one on one to get the most out of the trip. Life jackets are on board for adults & children.

Is a fishing license required?
A. All persons age 16 or older are required to have a fishing license.  A "all species" resident or non-resident one day fishing license can be purchased either on board with the captain (call ahead and check availability of licenses first) or at the local bait and tackle shop near the boat.  If you already have a state of Illinois fishing license, bring it.  You must have the proper Lake Michigan salmon stamp affixed to the back of the license.  Once again, if needed you may purchase the stamp with the captain (call ahead and check availability of stamps on hand) or you may stop by any bait and tackle shop.  You could even check with your local K-mart and Wal-Mart stores.  Many of these carry Yearly fishing licenses and Lake Michigan salmon stamps.

Q. Who can enjoy a charter?
A. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and loves to share an adventure with friends or family.  A single person, a family with children or just a bunch of friends out for a good time.  Many corporations charter sport fishing boats to take their clients out and show them a good time away from the "office atmosphere."  Large groups can charter several boats and arrange there own mini tournament.  The boats are limited to a maximum of 6 passengers.

Q. Are charter boats licensed?
A. Not all boats offering to take you fishing are licensed charter boats.  My boat and boats I use when I have multiple boat trips are all licensed and state  inspected to carry six (6) passengers.   Myself and the other captains are all licensed by the US Coast Guard.  All have the proper safety equipment aboard to ensure a safe and enjoyable sport fishing outing.



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